Why are Tennis Balls Pressurized?

Tennis balls are pressurized to maintain their bounce. When a tennis ball is manufactured, air is forced inside the ball under pressure. This pressurized air inside the ball gives it the desired bounce. When the ball hits the ground, the pressure inside the ball causes it to rebound, making it bounce. The International Tennis Federation … Read more

Racquetball Ball Material and Colors

close up of blue racquetball on wood court with text "racquetball material" and "what are racquetballs made of?"

The history of racquetball started with a rubber ball. That was in 1940, and at that time Joseph G. Sobek, who excelled at many sports like tennis, handball, and squash, was working at a rubber factory.  One day he designed a hollow rubber ball and invented a new game for it. Racquetball has evolved over … Read more

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

woman laughing while playing pickleball with man with text "is pickleball easier than tennis?"

Pickleball and tennis share a lot of similarities, but is one easier than the other?  Well, it all boils down to what you consider as easy. For example, pickleball is more about your placement and strategy and less about athleticism. To form an opinion about which sport is easier than the other, you first need … Read more

Professional Tennis Players Who Started Late

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Just like many other sports, tennis is quite unpredictable. A player may spend their whole career without getting a chance to shine, only to achieve incredible feats later in their careers. Many players struggled at the beginning of their careers, and some even got ranked in the top 10, all without winning any major titles … Read more

Tennis Round Robin Format 8 Players

group of people playing a game of mixed doubles on a blue tennis court with text "tennis round robin format 8 players"

Round Robin Tournaments apply to any sport where more than three players compete. It’s an all-play-all system.  The way every player gets a chance to compete with all the others can be compared to the elimination type competitions where the first matches make or break a player.  The elimination type games are known to stump … Read more

Can You Play Pickleball on Grass?

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As you probably know, pickleball can be played indoors and outdoors. The first thing we think of when we imagine an outdoor pickleball court is that its surface is typically post-tension concrete or asphalt. Indoor courts, on the other hand, tend to be gym floors or even concrete. In a few rare cases such as … Read more

Can You Serve Overhand in Racquetball?

man preparing to serve racquetball to another man with text "can you serve overhand in racquetball?"

This is a question that a lot of beginner racquetball players wonder about. To serve overhand is pretty uncommon in racquetball, but does that mean that you’re not allowed to do it? To answer that, let’s look at what makes a valid racquetball serve and what’s considered as a serving fault. What Makes a Valid … Read more

Pickleball Drills for One Person

man holding pickleball racquet and ball with text "pickleball drills for one player"

Getting better at any activity is a matter of regular practice and drilling. We understand that drills can be quite boring because you’re drilling the same shot a million times, but that’s exactly what you need because it helps train muscle memory. The more you drill, the more efficient you’ll be.  That being said, we’re … Read more

Tennis Workouts With Weights

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Strength training wasn’t always a part of Tennis. Until the 1980s, players lived without it, and they did well, like the extraordinary John McEnroe.  He was the exception though, and the next player to reach that level of success, Ivan Lendl, was the ultimate gym rat.    Building muscle power is essential. Tennis workouts with weights … Read more

Tennis Rules: Calling a Ball Out (And Some Etiquette to Know)

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Have you seen the movie “Are We There Yet?” where Ice Cube’s – hypothetical – stepson (called Kevin in the movie) keeps asking him if they were there yet a zillion times? Well, if you’re a newbie in tennis and you’re still learning the rules, you’ll definitely be a Kevin to your coach quite a … Read more