Hi! I’m Ryan and I run The Daily Racquet.

A little about me. My first love and passion is tennis. I remember watching Sampras beat Agassi at the 1990 US Open sitting on my grandparents couch when I was 7 years old.

I was lucky to grow up in a neighborhood with a tennis court at the park. I played any chance I could and eventually went on the play at a D1 school.

These days I play recreationally with my wife, Megan (a good tennis player herself), and my friends.

I’ve also found a lot of joy in racquetball and recently picked up pickleball as well.

Although my goals are a little different now – have fun exercising and getting in a good workout – I still want to win.

I started this site for people like me. I’m not a professional player but I do want to play my best. And I really just enjoy these sports.

This site is a place where we focus on game strategy, tips and tricks, equipment and throw in a little humor – all geared toward the competitive recreational racket sport player.

You’ll hear from both me and Megan at times.

With all that said, let’s have fun, sweat and win together!

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We want this site to be informative and fun – edutainment if you will. We want to hear your feedback, comments, questions, etc.

Each post will have a comment section. Also, the Contact link at the top takes you to a form and any submission there comes directly to my inbox.