Racquetball Ball Material and Colors

close up of blue racquetball on wood court with text "racquetball material" and "what are racquetballs made of?"

The history of racquetball started with a rubber ball. That was in 1940, and at that time Joseph G. Sobek, who excelled at many sports like tennis, handball, and squash, was working at a rubber factory.  One day he designed a hollow rubber ball and invented a new game for it. Racquetball has evolved over … Read more

Can You Serve Overhand in Racquetball?

man preparing to serve racquetball to another man with text "can you serve overhand in racquetball?"

This is a question that a lot of beginner racquetball players wonder about. To serve overhand is pretty uncommon in racquetball, but does that mean that you’re not allowed to do it? To answer that, let’s look at what makes a valid racquetball serve and what’s considered as a serving fault. What Makes a Valid … Read more

Cut Throat Racquetball Rules

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The first match of racquetball was played in 1940 when Joseph G. Sobek, who was a professional athlete, invented a game that had a little bit of all the games he loved.     Racquetball is a combination of handball and squash with just a dash of tennis. The first draft of the rules appeared in 1952, … Read more