Clay Tennis Courts In the USA

tennis ball in front of the net on a clay court with the text " clay tennis courts in the USA"

The surface is the most important thing in tennis, according to Gaston Gaudio, winner of the French open 2004.  During a typical rally, a tennis ball comes into contact with the ground for a fraction of a second, but what happens during and after that instant decides the bounce, movement, and speed of the ball. … Read more

How to Win a Tennis Match Mentally (4 Techniques!)

young man concentrating and ready to accept a serve while playing tennis

If you’ve got the physical skills and abilities of a world-famous tennis player, but don’t have a grip on your mental state on the court, you’re at risk of losing the match. That’s because tennis is as much a physical sport as it’s mental. Keeping your cool, staying confident, and playing your best are the … Read more

How to Win a Tennis Match Against a Better Player (6 Tips!)

young man celebrating a tennis game victory with his arms in the air in front of a wooded background

It’s not uncommon to see a sharp player lose a match to a beginner. This was evident in the 2013 Wimbledon games, where Sharapova, Nadal, and other major players lost to newcomers.  These unexpected wins can be more than a coincidence. Everyone plays to win, and you can do it too. To get that final … Read more

Is Tennis Hard to Learn?

male tennis structure teaching a women tennis with text over "is tennis hard to leave"

If you’re a tennis fan, you’ve probably thought about giving the sport a try yourself. You’ve got the gear you need, and now you’re ready to hit the court. You’re super excited to experience that amazing sport, and you want to commit yourself to learn it. After that, you realize that tennis isn’t that easy … Read more

Teaching Tennis Serve To Beginners: 5 Simple Steps

man preparing to serve tennis ball in tennis game with text "teaching tennis serve"

A good serve sets the tone for the match. It’s a show of power, a parade of skill, and a guaranteed point. The shot is yours from start to finish.  Psychological control is a significant determinant of success in any game, if you give your opponent the feeling that you are a much better player, … Read more

Tennis Rules: Moving During a Serve

two people playing tennis, one about to receive a serve with text "tennis rules moving during a serve and more"

Tennis is a game that requires a lot of practice. No matter what age you are or how professional and experienced you are at tennis, the key to always being ahead of your game is lots of practice. Mastering a serve and knowing the accurate moves, as well as being aware of the dos and … Read more

Cut Throat Racquetball Rules

two adults playing racquetball with text "cut throat racquetball rules"

The first match of racquetball was played in 1940 when Joseph G. Sobek, who was a professional athlete, invented a game that had a little bit of all the games he loved.     Racquetball is a combination of handball and squash with just a dash of tennis. The first draft of the rules appeared in 1952, … Read more

Can the Ball Hit the Net in Tennis? (6 Scenarios Explained)

tennis ball hitting a net with trees and a cloudy sky in the background and text that states can the ball hit the net?

Tennis is all about hitting the ball and sending it to the other side of the net. The 27 ft court is divided in the middle by a 3 ft high net. It’s where most of the scoring takes place.  The very first tennis match was played around the 12th century, it developed in a … Read more